Family dog killed in Ravia

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Jennifer Green's yard is where Jake--the family's black labrador retriever--ran and played. But now it's silent as she and her family grieve the loss of their pet.

"He was our family," said Jennifer Green, who owned the dog. "And they should've never taken our family away from us. That's the way I feel. I feel like they killed one of my kids."

It all started Friday, as Green's son, 15-year-old Rumor Green, was walking with Jake along these streets. When they came to one house in the area Rumor said a man shot Jake with a pellet gun.

"And they shot him," said Rumor Green, who was walking Jake. "I mean, we were standing right there by each other."

Jake was hit in front of his hindquarters.Rumor said he carried his dog down the street to a friend's house where Jake died a short time later.

Johnston County Sheriff, Jon Smith said the shooter claims he didn't mean to kill the dog.

"The individual stated that the dog had came into his yard, turned his trash can over and was throwing trash," said Sheriff Smith. "He had actually shot at it to scare it away."

The Sheriff's office has submitted it's evidence to the District Attorney who will decide whether to charge the accused shooter with animal cruelty.

But Sheriff Smith said the statutes conflict.

"One does give a property owner a right if an animal is destroying property or such to do necessary means to take care of the problem," said Smith.

Until the D.A. decides how to proceed, the Greens say they just want one thing.

"I just hope we get justice for him," said Rumor. "That's it."

You can see the website the Greens made about Jake here: