Ardmore family, funeral home claim donations misappropriated; police investigating

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- It has been two months since an Ardmore woman was shot and killed in her home, and now the family says they must find a way to pay for funeral costs, after they say someone misappropriated the donations.

Stormy Lusk, 20, was shot and killed in her Ardmore home on June 5. her murder remains unsolved. And now her family has run into another problem.

"We've been contacting her for over a month to get the funds to the funeral home," Dana Taylor said.

Lusk's aunt, Dana Taylor, says they haven't seen a penny from a Go Fund Me account, family friend, Robin Faulkenberry, created to pay for Lusk's funeral.

"The day we found out Stormy had been murdered, she contacted my brother and asked if she could start a Go Fund Me account to help with funeral expenses," Taylor said.

More than 90 people donated to the Go Fund Me account, raising more than $5,000.

Ardmore police say they are meeting with the family and the administrator of the account this week to determine where the money is.. And say they will file charges if necessary.

Lusk's family and Griifin-Hillcrest Funeral Home say the Go Fund Me page has been removed and the funeral was never paid for.

"Mrs. Lusk family was under the impression that someone was kind enough to put together a Go Fund Me account that was to go toward her services," owner of Griffin-Hillcrest Funeral Home John Key said. "And at this time it has been found that those funds are no longer available."

"She just keeps saying that the issue is going to be resolved and that Go Fund Me put the money in the wrong account," Taylor said.

Key says he reached out to Go Fund Me to see what happened. He says they told him they couldn't help him with the matter.

"Go to your local funeral home if you are going to help a family," Key said. "Pay it to them, get a receipt, then a family will receive a statement showing that your gift was given."

Faulkenberry says she doesn't want to comment until the investigation is complete, but, the family says they want answers.

"We feel like our faces have been spit in and Stormy's name has been very disrespected for someone to profit from her tragedy," Taylor said.