Family moves on after fire destroys home

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POTTSBORO,TX---A family is moving on after a fire destroyed their home in December.

"When we got here the roof was gone, everything was, it was pretty much like you see it but just in flames, they're was nothing left." said Duane Droegemeier,

Fire fighters responded to Texas Heaven Lane in Pottsboro Dec 18 around 1:30 in the morning to reports of smoke coming from a house; they found it engulfed in flames.

"It's a total loss, the only thing standing is the very front of the house where it was made out of cinder block, the rest of the house is gone." said Droegemeier.

"It's a little overwelming and it's still a little surreal." said Larossa

Home owner Heather larossa was told by the fire marshall that because of how badly the house burned, they may never find out what caused the fire.

"He said pretty much it burned so hot that they'll never be able to tell us, pinpoint what it was, because what they would typically look for is just gone." said Larossa.

And in the daylight it's even more clear. Caution tape lingers behind, ashes scatter the ground. A wall and chimney; the only things left standing.

This was Larossa's childhood home. She says the memories they had there is what she'll miss the most.

"It was just a special place, a lot of memories and everything that meant anything to us, you know materialistic wise was there; that was the place we never wanted to get rid of." said Larossa.

Larossa and her husband are the owners of Fullbellies restaurant in Sherman. She says the support they've received from the community has made this difficult time a lot easier to bare.

"We've just really been overwhelmed by the support and the love and just how embraced we feel by the community here." said Larossa.

She says the experience has made her open her eyes and remember what's important in life.

"It's good to work hard, but also, you've got to have that time for the things that are ultimately most important in life, which is our family." said Larossa.

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