Fannin Co. one step closer to Lake Ralph Hall

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(LADONIA, TEXAS)-- Fannin County is one large step closer to building Lake Ralph Hall, a project nearly 2 decades in the making.

Former Mayor Leon Hurse has been trying for 18 years to get the water rights approved to build "Lake Ralph Hall" in Fannin County.
His dream is now one step closer to reality . Tuesday, the Administrative Law Judges met in Austin and voted to recommend approval of the water rights to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Hurse says he's very excited. "Well I'm enthused over it because we've been a long ways getting to where we are now."

The lake would provide 30 million gallons of water a day to Fannin, Denton, Dallas, and Collin Counties. It's expected to cost $274 million dollars and will be paid for completely by the Upper Trinity Regional Water District. The lake would also help with a large erosion problem along the North Sulphur River.

County officials are anticipating great economic benefits as well.

Mayor Jan Cooper says, " It's just going to be a huge impact on the community here..water is something we all need and need to plan for in the future."

The project needs final approval by TCEQ and then they'll start building on the North Sulphur River.