Fannin Co. Sheriff's Office asks for public's help to crack down on marijuana

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BONHAM, TX-The Fannin County Sheriff's Office is using social media to track down illegal drugs in the county and they're asking you to keep an eye out for marijuana because it could be growing in your backyard without you even knowing it.
Fannin County Chief Deputy, James Woods said marijuana is a concern especially at this time of the year because harvest season for growers start August and September. Wednesday morning, he said a resident reported seeing the plant growing in his backyard, which can produce over a pound of marijuana.

"It's a nationwide problem. We have our share of it, the same as any other county does," he said.

He said Wednesday, deputies took several 6-foot plants from of a Fannin county farm after the landowner said he found something suspicious growing on his property.

"This time of year, between August and September is general harvest time for marijuana growers. So officers responded to the location to check out what he had and as you can see behind me, they did recover some plants," said Woods.

That's why they are asking for the public's help reporting marijuana if it's found on their property.

"Nobody knows their land better than they do. And being able to advice landowners with this type of activity is going on in the backside of their property allows them to open their eyes more and see what's going on back there," he said.

That concerns Fannin county residents.

"I grew up in a 100 acre ranch and my grandma and grandpa will always walk the acres to see if there's anything weird, if its fence's down or somebody's been back there and dumping stuff. Just keep an eye on your acreage I guess," said Randy Pendergrass.

"I hope I don't. I work at my yard a lot and I look around a lot so I guess I hope I don't see it," said Sandy Barber.

But resident, Casey Cross said it could be hard for landowners like him to even recognize marijuana on their property.

"Most people don't know what it looks like probably so I mean even if they do see a plant. They're not gonna turn it in because they don't know what it is," said Cross.

"A lot of folks will go in, walk the creeks and ride the creeks, things of that nature and they'll sneak up on the backside of people's property and grow these plants. With that, most homeowners, most landowners never see it," said Woods.

Woods says marijuana has a set of five leaves, deep green in color and velvety to the touch.

Woods said if you find marijuana growing in your property, don't try to get rid of it yourself.

Contact the Fannin County Sheriff's Office (903)583-2143.

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