Fannin County is debt free

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS--) At a time when our national debt continues to grow, one Texoma county has just paid off all it's debts.

Fannin County just cut a check for over $1.1 million dollars to pay off all the county's debt.

Judge Spanky Carter says, " it's a great's something we planned on..we talked about..we stayed focused on and we're able to do that today."

The county has cut unnecessary expenses and increased revenue by leasing it's old jail. Judge "Spanky" Carter says its a rare accomplishment to be debt free," it took a lot of hard work by a lot of people..but now we're seeing the fruits of our labor..completely debt free..and I don't think there's a lot of people in this state or any other state or any county that can say that."

Resident Claud Lewis praises their effort, " i'm proud of 'em..I'd like for the federal to get their little act together and get out of debt."

The county is paying off its debt five years earlier than expected, which is estimated to save taxpayers $300,000 dollars a year. Judge Carter praises the cooperation between his hard-working commissioners and the county auditor, " In Fannin county we talk about things..we get on the same page and we get it that's what makes me proud."

Fannin County auditor Scott Dyer agrees, "the team work between the dept heads and elected officials..always staying under budget and working under budget ..with the conservative approach has paid off..for us to be debt free."

Judge Carter says he's extremely proud of the fact that the county has been able to lower taxes for the past three years without cutting any services. The county says they plan to stay debt free for as long as they can.