Fannin County leaders plan to bring in more tourism

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX -- Fannin County leaders want to increase tourism and showcase the area, so they took their own tour today to see first-hand all the amenities the County has to offer.

About 50 Fannin County community leaders climbed aboard a bus Friday morning for a tour to remind themselves of everything the County has to offer.

"We're trying to promote agro tourism. Because we haven't done a really good job with that in the past. And this was an effort to bring everybody together and see if we can't get on the same page," said Randy Moore, District Conservationist and Wildlife Biologist.

Fannin County conservationist, Randy Moore, says this tour is a great showcase for Fannin County and will help kick off plans to increase tourism.

"Everything we're showcasing here is not costing anything to us. All we've got to do is get people to understand what we got to offer," said Moore.

State Representative, Larry Phillips, agrees and he is also behind the idea.

"I have a real passion for sharing our part of Texas with the rest of the state," said Phillips.

And it is not just Fannin County that leaders want to help promote, Moore says they could get much more attention as a region, by joining forces with other local counties.

"We really want to include Grayson County, we really want to include Cooke County. We're actually working with TCOG and hoping maybe they can help us out there too as far as the regional approach," said Moore.

Representative Phillips agrees.

"If we can work together as a region and really stake a claim out to the rest of the state and start through all kinds of ways of communication. Really an opportunity for people to come up here from around the state," said Phillips.

The Fannin community is already working to improve Lake Fannin - which they hope will be a springboard to other projects - including building two new lakes this decade.

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