Fannin County man dead in officer involved shooting

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BONHAM, TX -- A Fannin county man is dead after an officer-involved shooting just north of Bonham Thursday night.

Investigators say 27-year-old Blake Compton died just hours after he was shot by a DPS trooper in front of his home Thursday night as a result of a lengthy standoff.

"At about 11:00, I did hear the gun go off and of course it scared me."

Susan Kirkpatrick lives just a block away from the home on the 1500 block of North Highway 78 just north of Bonham, where Texas DPS says a standoff ensued around 9:15 Thursday night.

Kirkpatrick, along with other neighbors say, they saw 27-year-old Blake Compton standing on his front porch with a gun, while officers attempted to negotiate.

"They were coaxing him to try to put the guns down and to let them help him, but you know he's evidently not concerned about that, he told them 'it's either I shoot ya'll or ya'll shoot me.'"

Authorities say Compton was shot.
A DPS release states:

"The preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect pointed his weapon at one of the officers, and a DPS trooper fired once. The suspect, 27-year-old Blake Compton of Bonham, was transported to The Medical Center of Plano, where he was pronounced dead."

Not knowing exactly what happened concerned Kirkpatrick and her neighbors.

"I felt like they should have safety for us neighbors around here to tell us what's going on instead of leaving us to decide on our own what was going on."

Now, her thoughts turn to the family.

"He's a good kid and it shouldn't have ever happened but things happen to our kids sometimes and it's really sad," Kirkpatrick said.

The Texas Rangers are still investigating this incident.