Fannin County sets their 2013-2014 budget

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- Fannin County has set their budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

The budget was accepted at commissioner's court Monday morning. They have lowered the tax rate to under 60 cents; making it the lowest since 2007. The county plans to write a $1 million dollar check to pay off the debt for County Road 4200, which will free up $350,000 a year of the county's budget.

When the $1 million dollars is paid off in November it will completely erase the county's debt, five years sooner than the county was planning.

Judge Spanky Carter told Alexandra Carter he is thrilled with the accomplishment, " we've eliminated some things that we don't need..we've really checked our over spending..we've tightened our budget the best we could..we've saved money..we spent money wisely..and the fruits of that labor..we'll be out of debt in November..we'll be totally debt free..and there's not many counties in the state that can say that..and i'm very proud of that."

The county has also been able to incorporate employee raises into the budget including a 20 percent raise for the Sheriff's deputies.