Farmers Market coming to downtown Denison

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DENISON, TX - A Farmers Market will soon be coming to downtown Denison.

A group of Denison residents hope to have the operation up and running by April 30th at the southwest corner of Burnett and Chestnut St. Only local products and produce will be sold at the market. Farmers and vendors in the area can join for a one time ten dollar fee.
There is also five dollar setup fee. The location used to be a car lot and organizer Cat Adair says the layout of the corner is perfect for this use.

"I think this is the perfect location. When I first came to town I kind of scouted out the area to see what downtown had to offer," said Adair. "I thought this was a market to begin with and if it wasn't a market it needed to be a farmers market."

For more information on the market or to be a vendor, call Cat Adair at 214-208-5754 or e-mail

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