New details in fatal Grayson County stabbing

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - We have learned more about a fatal stabbing Friday night. We spoke to one nearby resident who said he did all he could to try and save the life of the man who died.

"I stayed up most of the night thinking about it. Every time I close my eyes I see the kids face," said Stacy Landers, a nearby resident.

Lawson is still dealing with the effects of a stabbing that left one man dead late Friday night in what's normally a quiet neighborhood.

"Something this bad...never, never in this neighborhood. We usually watch out for each other," said Landers.

Friday night the Grayson County Sheriff's Office responded to the fatal stabbing at 95 Janice Road in Dension. A residence belonging to 56-year-old Kenneth Harralson.

When authorities arrived they found 33-year-old Joe Daynes laying in a pool of blood after receiving multiple stab wounds.

"Mr. Daynes was pronounced dead at the scene. Upon investigation it was determined that both Mr. Harralson and Mr. Daynes had been together most of the day drinking," said David Russell with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.

Russell said Daynes had left the residence but returned later that day for some unknown reason.

Russell said, Harralson told investigators, Daynes began yelling, banging on the front door and then kicked it in. That's when the fight broke out.

"It spilled out upon the front porch, knives were involved. Mr Daynes went down and that's when we responded," said Russell.

Lawson said he knows both men that were involved and did all he could to save Daynes life.

"I was doing C.P.R. on him last night because one minute he's fine and the next minute he's dying and you're trying to save a neighbor, a friend. When it happens to someone like that, it can happen to you,"

Sergeant Russell says Harralson was taken to Texoma Medical Center for a broken elbow and cut wounds.

He was then arrested on an unrelated warrant.

"Charges are pending. The case is still being investigated and we expect to deliver the case to the D.A.'s office at a later day," said Russell.