Father of murder victims not backing down after two years

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SHERMAN, TX-Two years ago, a man and two women, one of them pregnant, were found dead at a home west of Sherman. Thursday, the case is still unsolved and now the father of two of the victims said he's done waiting for answers.

Larry Ballou held a memorial for his daughters, Misty and Cassandra Ballou, at their gravesite Thursday night. He and other family members said two years with no arrests is too long. He wants justice for his girls and said he'll do whatever it takes to get it.

Flowers cover the graves of Misty and Cassandra Ballou. Their father, Larry Ballou, said two years after his daughters were murdered he's still asking the same questions: Who killed them and why.

"There's way too many friends, family and relatives that want to see this brought to a closure. It needs to be brought to a closure," he said.

"Two years is crazy. We should have answers, their kids need answers. We need to know what happened and who did this because its wrong. Their kids deserve better than this, they need to know who and why. We all need closure," said Jennifer Paulsen, Misty and Cassandra's cousin.

Two years ago on this day, Misty and Cassandra Ballou, along with Brian Ritchie, were killed in a house along Reynolds Lane near Sherman. All of them were shot several times. Cassandra, who was pregnant at the time, was also stabbed and Ritchie was beaten. The house was then set on fire.

Ballou said the investigation by the Grayson County Sheriff's office hit a dead end.

"They said they had all their evidence back but they're not interviewing anybody or anything else," he said.

Lt. Rickey Wheeler said they are still following leads and DNA results are not back yet, but was unavailable to speak about the case on camera.
Ballou said not enough is being done to find his daughters' killer.

"I actually believe now that they lack the knowledge to solve it or they don't want to solve it. so they need to sit back and say 'okay how would I feel if it were my two kids?'" Ballou added.

"They need to do further investigation or something to find who did this. Because we as a family, we're hurting everyday that goes by, every single minute that goes by, our family and our friends are hurting," said Paulsen.

Ballou said he plans to contact other law enforcement agencies outside of Grayson county.

"They better get on with it or else there is gonna be a bunch of other people brought in. Because if they don't get on with it, I'm gonna bring people in who will get on with it and solve it," he said.

And he will not give up until the case is closed.

"I'm not letting this die. This was the only two kids I had on the face of this earth, so I'm not letting it die," he said.

If you have any information about this incident, call the Grayson County Sheriff's Office at 903-893-4388.