Final suspect in murder of former Denison football star pleads no contest

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DENISON, TX -- For Latonya Walker, it's not the end of the chapter. But she can see it from here.

"The whole family, we all need closure, and this has been dragging on. In August it'll be two years," she said.

Walker's the mother of DJ Jones, the former Denison High School football player shot to death in what prosecutors call a botched drug deal.

The constant court cases take their toll, Walker said.

"You re-live it every time you go and have to look at pictures and listen to testimonies. You're re-living August 5, 2011 over again," she said.

On Tuesday morning, the final person involved in the murder entered a blind plea.

Dustin Metcalf pled no contest to a reduced charge of second degree murder. He'll now face a judge who will determine his sentencing.

"I feel more comfortable going in front of a judge than a jury. Because when we went in front of the jury with Alora Hix, four years wasn't proper punishment to me," Walker said.

Hix, the woman prosecutors say lured Jones to his death, was sentenced to four years in prison last year for manslaughter.

Jones' grandmother, Barbara Bogan, is infuriated with Hix's sentence. She's confident they'll see justice against Metcalf.

But she says it's still not enough.

"The Metcalf's and the rest of them can see their son anytime they want," Bogan said. "But we can't go see ours. Unless we go to the cemetery."

Herald Hass is serving a life sentence for pulling the trigger. The third suspect, Wesley Kelley, is serving 35 years in prison for second degree murder.

On May 28, the final chapter closes with Metcalf's sentencing.

"We need to get it done so we can start healing," Walker said.

Bogan agrees.

"It affects everything you do. It affects your job. You go to your job, you constantly think about it, no matter where you go," she said. "You might see someone who looks like him."

Metcalf faces 10 years to life in prison. Officials say he has 10 days to reconsider his plea.