Finding love online

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- It was once considered taboo, but nowadays more and more people are meeting the love of their life online.

On this Valentine's Day, Nicolette Schleisman spoke to people who have taken the plunge and tried to find their true love on the web.

One Sherman woman says that is where she found her husband of 6 years, completely by fate.

"I had had a personal ad up for a little while and I decided to take it down within a week and before I did. Chris responded and I shouldn't have even seen his ad cause I wasn't even paying for the service any more, but it came through," said Laura Benner.

Laura Benner and her husband both went to Sherman High School together. They never met. Until that fateful day.

"That first day I met him in person I knew he was meant for me. I knew I was supposed to be with him," said Benner.

Online dating can get a bad rap, especially with the "catfish" phenomenon that came to light during the Manti Te'o scandal. Catfish is slang for when someone poses online as someone they are not.

"Any kind of online information stuff where you don't know what you're getting into and what could come of it is kind of dangerous," said Allan Smith.

But Benner says she would not change her experience for the world. And, she knows you have to take a chance to meet someone special.

"I don't ever regret anything. Because I could not imagine my life any other way," said Benner.

Jeremy Huff is a budding success story as well. He met his girlfriend online 3 years ago, he says he was not ever a fan of online dating, until he met Melissa.

"I couldn't help it. I mean if you knew this girl, I mean. I guess it's no different if you meet some guy that's like that *snaps* it's that," said Huff.

He says he was not ever concerned she wasn't who she says she is.

Do you think she's the one? "I do. I plan to marry her," said Huff.

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