Fire breaks out at a Durant restaurant

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DURANT, OK -- It was a scary moment for diners at a restaurant Tuesday afternoon, when their dinner was interrupted by a fire.

Doris Gooch had just sat down with her plate at the Taste Island restaurant on Main Street, when the place started smoking.

"And they'd opened the back door back there, which allowed a lot of cold air to come in, but it seemed like it was getting smokier," she said.

It happened just before Noon. And the smoke was getting worse by the time Durant firefighters arrived.

"We couldn't find any flames. We Searched the building, and after a while of searching we finally found the location of it," Chief Roger Joines said.

The fire was in the wall between the Budget Inn and the Taste Island Restaurant at the joint building.

Joines said they evacuated the restaurant and the Budget Inn office. It took about 30 minutes to find the fire's location.

"We do have thermal image cameras that we were using. We were detecting some heat, but nothing that pointed to the actual fire," Joines said.

They put out the fire pretty quickly, but then had to check for other hot spots around the building, Joines said.

"Of course the cold weather, you always run into problems. We had one nozzle freeze up so we had to pull another line, so there's a lot of things that kinda change as the weather changes," he said.

They don't have an estimate on the damage, but Joines said it appears to be minimal.

Which is good news for Gooch.

"I mean, because this was one of my favorite places to eat," she said.

Joines said no one was injured in the fire. They'll still investigating what started it.

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