Fire closes popular Sherman restaurant

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SHERMAN, TX -- Patrons of one of a popular Sherman burger joint will have to grab lunch somewhere else. After more than two decades it's closing it's doors but not by choice. Fire shut down the restaurant Wednesday morning.

For over 20 years, the Lit'l Store has been serving up burgers and fries and now they're having to temporarily close their doors, leaving the icon's fans a little hungry.

This is what remains of the inside of the Lit'l Store after a fire Wednesday morning.

"That's shocking! I still don't believe it though, that's what I'm saying. Can I turn around and look at it? I want to look at the store cause I'm in shock. Aw man! Now you know what? That's sad. That's sad," said Reggie Atteberry, Lit'l Store customer.

"I thought I was gonna be hungry, I wasn't gonna get my cheeseburger. I hate to see this place go to the way side," said Pat Stambaugh, Lit'l Store customer.

Around 9:45 Wednesday morning, The Lit'l Store's grill caught fire causing the walls and attic to burn.

"The front part of the building was built in 1900 so a lot of different type of construction, layers of construction just made it difficult to get to and obviously one of our concern s was to conserve as much of the personal property and store property that we could. Unfortunately, the building itself has suffered a lot of damage," said Chief Jeff Jones, Sherman Fire Department.

Jones says the grease trap on the grill sparked the blaze. No customers were inside at the time and all 3 workers made it out safely.

While the fire was out in 20 minutes, it caused more than $100,000 in damages.

"It's sorta odd here, because we've been here 25 years. And we always keep all the grease down to a minimum. You know, do what you can. But when you cook as many hamburgers as we do." said Wayne Borroughs, owner of The Lit'l Store.

In it's prime, The Lit'l Store served up to 900 burgers a day. Now, on a slow day they serve 300.

"I frequent the Lit'l Store a lot. And this is pretty sad for all of us," said Chief Jones.

While its doors may be closed now, the Lit'l Store does plan on re-opening. They're just not sure when yet.

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