Fire destroys family home in Southmayd

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SOUTHMAYD, TX -- A family of seven is without a home after flames burns it to the ground Thursday morning in Grayson County.

Southmayd Police Chief Ron Blackwell said firefighters rushed to the scene at 511 Windy Lane in Southmayd around 10 a.m.

When the first responders arrived they found the home fully engulfed.

"We arrived on scene, the house was already gone," Blackwell said.

Blackwell said the fire was quickly starting to spread to neighboring houses on this street in Southmayd.

"Over here had some damage to the fence between the two, and it got pretty hot in this house, but there was no fire, we were able to protect it," he said.

Blackwell said by the time they arrived, they didn't have time to save the first house. But he said the residents weren't home at the time of the fire.

"We've talked to the people who live here that said there's no one they know of that are suppose to be in there, so we hope that's correct. We'll find out, that's what we're doing to survey to check for," he said.

Wendy Seeton was visiting a neighboring house when she saw flames.

"We just came around here and thought it was a trash fire, and we seen it was a house fire. And we were calling 911 and trying to ask other people if there were kids or the family in there," she said.

Blackwell said they're still investigating what started the fire.

"It could be any cause. It could be accidental or whatever, we're not sure at this time, we haven't gotten far enough into it," he said.

Sheree Brady, Southmayd Code Enforcer, was one of the first on the scene.

"We were trying to get to the house, but there was no way. It was too far gone," she said.

She said while the family is fortunate no one was home, they're asking for the community's support in helping the family get back on their feet.

"They've lost everything. they're a family of seven, and they have nothing. It's all gone," she said.

Donations can be dropped off for the family at Southmayd City Hall.