Fire kills man, destroys Durant mobile home

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DURANT, OK---A man is dead after an early morning fire in Durant that is being blamed on space heaters.

"It was so loud that everybody in this trailer park heard it." said Kristy McCarty.

An early morning fire that woke up most of this Durant neighborhood.

"I was in bed and I thought it was a trash truck cause I kept hearing the booming sound." said Christal Grant.

"There was a big ole boom, and that's what startles everybody." said Kristy McCarty.

Officials say the fire started just before 6 at the money talks trailer park off East Main Street. Several neighbors said they all watched as the home burned.

"It was all in flames, and it was just really bad." said Christal Grant.

"They attacked the fire then as they were going into find the hot spot, they were notified that possible could be an occupant in the house." said Wade Boyd.

That occupant inside the trailer has been identified as 36-year-old Dale Ray Dollar. He and his wife Kim lived in the trailer. Neighbors say Dale was the only one inside at the time of the fire.

"Witnesses say the couple had an argument and when firefighters went inside the home here they found the body of dollar inside."

"We're all concerned cause of the family cause of their loss, and everything, and we hope they get help and stuff." said Kristy McCarty

Fire Marshall Wade Boyd says space heaters likely started the fire.

"We did find that there were two space heaters that were in use and our investigation reveals that that's what started the fire." said Wade Boyd.