First 2013 baby at one Texoma hospital is celebrated

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Labor and delivery nurses at Wilson N. Jones call this place heaven on Highland Avenue because of moments like this.

Healthy, happy Nelison Maggie Baderas was the first baby born at the hospital in 2013.

"Yeah, I'm just happy and excited and everything. And everything together," mom Lisbeth Baderas said.

'Probably the best New Year's you ever had?'

"Yes, it is," Lisbeth said.

New mom Lisbeth and her proud husband weren't supposed to go into labor for another week.

Doctor Todd Cutler delivered two other babies just before midnight, but Nelison waited until 12:21 to make her appearance.

"I mean it wasn't planned that way. It kinda happened by accident," Cutler said.

"I was so scared. So, so scared," Lisbeth said.

Labor nurse Susan Rohde helped calm her nerves.

"Well we work hand in hand with the moms and the dads and the families having the baby. We're right there with them all day so we also get to experience the joy and the celebration," Rohde said.

Lisbeth's brother Javier doesn't speak much English, but the joy on his face doesn't require translation.

"Yes, a happy new year. New Year's for my sister," Javier said.

"It's a great way to start the new year. Happy, healthy baby," Cutler said.

"Always. Always special on holidays," Rohde said.

And mom Lisbeth is already looking forward to all the new year's to come.

"Because it's going to be New Year's and her birthday and each year it's going to be the same thing," Lisbeth said.

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