Flags stolen from Ardmore VFW Post 4574

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ARDMORE, OK - Members the Ardmore Veterans of Foreign Wars are hoping someone will come forward with information on three missing flags they believe were stolen from their post over the weekend.

Members of the Ardmore VFW said it's not about the money, but the meaning.

"We have veterans from WWII on up to the wars we are in now," Post 4574 Senior Commander Ray Trammell said. "I have been in 31 years, I have been overseas three times. That American flag means a lot to anybody that is in the service. That's what we fight for, freedom."

Sometime over the weekend, the American flag, Oklahoma flag and the MIA/POW flag that usually fly high in front of Post 4574 were stolen.

"We'd like to have the flags back," Post 4574 Commander Phillip Rose said. "If they want to return the flag, there won't be any questions. If we have to look for them and find them, then we will prosecute."

Police said no suspects have been named, but these local veterans believe kids who probably didn't know the meaning behind VFW are responsible for the crime.

"I'd hope parents had probably raised them better than that," Rose said. It's just meanness."

Rose and Trammell said they are speaking out in hopes someone will know something about the missing flags, and help them get back the things they risked their lives fighting for.

"Everybody in here has fought for this country," Trammell said. "What they did was just wrong."

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