Food trucks are rolling into Paris

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PARIS, TX -- From burgers to chocolate covered treats and everything in-between food trucks are invading Paris, providing a nice change from your typical sit down restaurants.

"It's stuff that you're not going to find anywhere else, even in a lot of big cities," said McGuillicutty's Food Truck owner Jeremy Smallwood.

"We offer a variety of things that you can't find at a local restaurant," said The Chocolate Kettle owner Russell Thrasher. "All the food is homemade on the trailer and we offer that gourmet attachment to it."

With the food trucks just beginning to make headway in Paris, many people may shy away from the rolling gourmet. But Smallwood has a message for those who are reluctant to take the plunge.

"Give it a try," said Smallwood. "If you pull up and there's not a corn dog on the menu, don't panic, I promise it's going to be good."

"There's something on the menu that's going to be great and you're going to say 'that's possibly the best thing I've ever eaten.' If not, you never had anything like that before."

The new cuisine is a hit with plenty of people.

"It's great and convenient, we all enjoy it," said resident Mandy Brooks.

"This is really neat to get something to eat and then go," said resident Linda Robbins.

Most restaurants compete against each other, but these food truck operators actually embrace their competition and they say that helps their business.

"There's no point in that, we're all just trying to have fun and make a living," said Smallwood. "Variety is the spice of life."

"We definitely benefit each other," said Thrasher. "Each person has their own following and they come out here and see different varieties to choose from and anytime there's a group of people, people stop and see what's going on."

The operators say there may even be a food truck park on the menu in the future, but no official plans yet.

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