Former Ada man arrested after threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend

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ADA, OKLAHOMA -- High tech tools and social media helped Ada police find and capture a man who threatened to kill a former girlfriend.

27 year old, Zachary Ray, was arrested in Otero County, Colorado.
He'll be extradited to the Pontotoc County jail on charges of violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

Detective Destry Musgrove with the Ada police department says Ray threatened to kill the woman via text message.
When the victim reported the threats, Musgrove used her cellphone to help track him down in Colorado.
Musgrove says they also used Facebook to help confirm Ray's location.

Musgrove said, "The suspect had posted some pictures of him in a vehicle, in the background, you know, there was a red door, red building, and we were ultimately able to discern that it was a motel in the LaJunta area."

Ray has pleaded guilty to a previous domestic abuse charge in Pontotoc County.

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