Former North Texas Mayor Sentenced to Prison

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( SHERMAN, TEXAS) -- The former mayor of Melissa is now headed to prison. David Dorman admitted he used his office to make an illegal transaction that made him tens of thousands of dollars.

The federal court house in Sherman was packed Friday afternoon with both supporters and opposition.

Former Melissa Mayor David Dorman was sentenced to serve 33 months in prison plus 3 years probation for an illegal real estate transaction he consummated in 2007 as mayor.

In January, Dorman admitted he used his power as mayor to annex 33 acres of land in exchange for $30,000 from real estate agent John Christie,who paid Dorman illicitly.

Many Melissa residents who attended the sentencing say they're pleased with the outcome.

Judy Furlong, Melissa Resident told News 12 " but he has never had to stand for what he did and I'm just grateful that through the federal court, he's finally getting justice."

Christie told the court he was a victim of extortion and regrets his decision to pay Dorman rather than report that he was being extorted. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison and one year probation.

Dorman must pay back all $30,000 that he received and Christie has been issued a $5,000 fine..both men have until August 8th to turn themselves in.