Former SOSU students take plea deal in home invasion case

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DURANT, OK -- Five former SOSU students charged in a series of home invasions take a plea deal Wednesday, avoiding a possible felony conviction.

Officials say the men will get 90 days in county jail for the five misdemeanor counts.

They say the students will also receive a three year deferred sentence, where they will be under the supervision of the District Attorney's office.

If they comply with authorities during those three years, charges will be expunged from records.

The charges stem from several home invasions around Southeastern campus during April of this year.

"I think that they have learned that you can't just do that. You can't just invade someone's home, even if you're kidding," current SOSU student Joshua Pond said. "I'm glad to see they've manned up to take their punishment and they'll move on with their lives afterwards."

In an affidavit, the former students described the invasions as a "prank gone bad."

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