Former Sherman Sam's Club employee convicted of using shoppers' credit cards

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SHERMAN, Texas -- A former Sam's Club employee has been convicted of fraudulently using shoppers' credit cards.

For the next five years, 26-year-old Courtney Huntoon will pay back at least 10 customers whose cards she used to purchase items for herself.

On Thursday, Huntoon was convicted of 10 counts of credit or debit card abuse and one count of theft between $1,500 and $20,000. She was sentenced to five years probation.

"The club member would come in, purchase their items, and unknowing to them, she would actually run the card again through a second time," Sgt. D.M. Hampton with the Sherman Police Department explained, "And leave it open for her to be able to purchase a MasterCard gift card, usually in the amount of $200."

In total, Huntoon racked up $4,313.17 on customer's cards between December 20, 2013 and January 9, 2014.

But it could have been more..

"They actually found 7 failed attempts at doing the same thing for whatever reason. And those amounts came to over $2,300," Hampton said.

Hampton tells News 12 this is one of the more high profile cases of credit card abuse in Sherman.

Sam's Club learned of the incidents when one customer came forward about a charge he didn't make.

"Sam's did their own internal investigation, they then brought the case to the Sherman Police Department, who investigated the crime...and then brought the case to the Grayson County DA's office," Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks said.

Hampton said the investigation conducted by Sam's Club's Asset Protection division was extremely thorough, and included surveillance video, still photos, receipts, etc.

Brooks said during her five years of probation, Huntoon will go onto a payment plan to fully pay back each of the individuals from whom she stole.

Sam's Club representative Dianna Gee sent the below statement to News 12 regarding the incident:

“We set high standards for our associates, and this type of behavior fails to meet our expectations at every level. Obviously, when something like this happens, it is unacceptable. We took immediate action including working with law enforcement on this matter. The convicted individual is no longer employed by Sam’s Club.

We truly apologize for those who were personally impacted by this one person’s actions. We have reached out to each of the members affected to ensure their accounts were credited for the fraudulent transactions. Fortunately we believe this is an isolated issue and we have no reason to believe other members are affected.”

Gee also told News 12 that Huntoon successfully passed a background check with Sam's Club because she did not have any prior felonies.