Former Sheriff's deputy sentenced to 4 years

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A former Grayson County Sheriff's deputy received a sentence of four years in state prison Friday.

Errin Luton pleaded guilty in September to stealing more than $20,000 dollars worth of items - including guns - from evidence.

His defense argued his Parkinson medication, Requip, caused his impulsive behavior - which included a gambling problem.

"This Requip has a well-known, well-established side effect, especially in somebody who is a younger, on-set Parkinson sufferer, and I thought that was pretty clear that was the cause of what happened," said defense attorney Scott Smith.

But District Attorney Joe Brown said the crime was too big to just give Luton probation.

"We hold law enforcement officers to a higher standard, and I think the judge took that into consideration," he said. "He had a good career, but in the end he has nobody to blame but himself."

The Luton family released a statement critical of the Sheriff's department.

"We, as a family love and will continue to support Errin in all things. We regret the decisions made today, however, we will get through this ordeal."

Sheriff Keith Gary said he's still in shock that his employee could do this.

"Of all people and all places, I would have never believed it if you had told me a year and a half ago, that this was happening," he said.

Gary said his department is moving forward from this black eye, with more security and checks and balances in place.

"I want to ensure the public that we are trying to do our best to continue trying to be the best Sheriff's office around," he said.

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