Four Rivers Outreach opening free dental clinic in December

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- A recent United Way survey of people in Grayson County says the number one community need is healthcare.

The folks at Four Rivers Outreach took that and ran with it, opening a free dental clinic next month for those overcoming drug addiction.

"It's a privilege to do what I do," Arthur Horn of Four Rivers Outreach said.

Horn is watching his charitable work come full circle.

"Jesus said, 'Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked.'" Horn said.

He's continuing what he says is his calling.

Since founding the outreach center four years ago, Horn envisioned a dental clinic, like this one, fixing smiles damaged by years of substance abuse.

"One of the needs that we saw in our clients was meth that totally destroys your teeth, which ruins their self-confidence and hinders them from getting gainful employment," Horn said.

It's a side effect of the drug that's become known as meth mouth -- as seen in these mug shots, and in the faces of recovering addicts at Four Rivers.

"One of my dreams was to be able to take care of that issue," Horn said.

Horn's wife Jeannie gets emotional thinking about how this clinic, made possible by community donations, will help their clients's health and self-esteem.

"There's going to be a lot of people that are going to be helped through this service," Jeannie Horn said.

A dream come true for this man with a servant's heart.

"Just making their life better is just so wonderful every day for me. That's what I want to do is just make their lives better," Horn said.

The free dental clinic for Grayson County residents overcoming substance abuse opens December 1st.

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