Fourth of July pet safety tips

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ADA, OK-- This weekend you'll hear a lot of fireworks and, in return, you will hear a lot of dogs barking.

Most dogs and cats hate loud noises like fireworks and workers at the Pontotoc Animal Wellness Society's not just the noise itself.

Sarah Harris, an employee at P.A.W.S says, "its not always going to happen but it could throw the animal into an anxiety attack that is so bad that they could be stuck with that anxiety and any loud noise could make them think of the traumatic experience they had."

There are many things pet owners can do to make sure pets are as safe and comfortable as possible during the fourth festivities .

First and foremost, do not bring your dog to firework displays. If your pet hides under a bed, chair, or other small space don't try to lure them out...a tight space can help them feel more secure. Get a crate for them and put a blanket over it so they can't see out. so they feel secure.

It is also important to keep in mind that when pets get scared they tend to run away so always make sure they are wearing their identification tag so if they do get away they can be returned to you fairly easily

Harris says to make sureyou have personalized name tags for your dog that has your name and your address on it.