Frank Deater named Tom Bean Police Chief

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TOM BEAN, TX -- Tom Bean Police Chief, Frank Deater, says he's excited to be the police department's new leader.

Deater has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience in Grayson County.

He says he will make sure the department continues to be a positive influence in the community.

"Keeping a positive presence in the community. We're not out there to take people to jail, we're out there to help and be that lifeline," Deater said.

Deater replaces former chief, John Hunt, who took over after Michael Webster resigned after an investigation into his conduct.

Webster was arrested twice, for allegedly stealing firearms from the department and tasing one of his officers.

Deater says after the scandal, Hunt turned the police department around and he hopes to maintain that strong foundation.

"My integrity is there, I'm putting my reputation and my 31 years of experience. I've got officers that care and if they see something wrong, they're gonna stand up and say hey we're going the wrong way and that's what I want in my department," Deater said.

Hunt intends to stay on as a reserve officer for Tom Bean.

Deater says he's already working on new plans for the department.

"Issues with the local church community and working closer in some of the things we do there and trying to look at getting some mental peace officers involved in the community," Deater said.

And some residents say they are confident their community is in good hands.

"We got big city problems just like anyone else does and we like to know someone is at the helm who knows what he's doing," said resident, Terry Cooper.

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