Free flu shots for Grayson County residents

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GRAYSON CO., TX -- With 30 new reported cases of Influenza in just the last week, the Grayson County Health Department is pushing to get Texomans to get their flu shot.

It's the same strain of flu that caused a worldwide outbreak in 2009, and the Grayson County Health Department is doing all they can to fight it. Unlike other flu strains, H1N1 primarily targets healthy young adults.

Amanda Ortez says, "that's unfortunate because mainly the younger individuals will not be proactive enough to go out and make sure they get their annual flu shot so that poses a problem."

A problem the department hopes to address with a mass flu vaccination clinic on Saturday.

1,000 flu shots arrived at the department Tuesday, and those vaccinations will be free for anyone who lives in Grayson County.

The Department doesn't typically give out free flu shots, but say this year, getting vaccinated is more important than ever.

The clinic will go from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, at the First United Methodist Church in Sherman.

Bring your I.D., a utility bill, or some proof of residence to the Christ Community Life Center.

If you don't live in Grayson County, you can still get the flu shot at the clinic for twenty dollars.

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