Free Cooling Stations in Texoma

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- with temperatures expected to hit the hundred degree mark this week, it's important to keep cool. But if you don't have air conditioning there's a place you can go.

Public cooling stations are available in most cities. They can be any public place with air conditioning and a place to sit and relax.

The Grayson County Office of Emergency Management recommends going to your public library.

Whether you stay at home or even use your car as a cool place, the Grayson County Health Department said heat related sickness comes fast.

"Two things, it's simply not having an apartment or a house that is cool enough and it is letting yourself get dehydrated, which is quite dangerous. It's not drinking enough good fluids, not alcoholic fluids, not caffeinated fluids," explained, Director, John Teel, with the health department.

The Salvation Army in Sherman has an official public cooling station. They offer water or tea to anyone that needs a break from the hot sun.

Bryan and Marshall Counties recommend these tips:

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