Friends of slain ECU student remember his life

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STUART, OK -- ECU student, 18-year-old Generro Sanchez, was kidnapped and then shot in the head in a rural part of Pottawatomie County.

Sanchez's home town was rocked by this loss, especially his friends.

"I miss him. I miss him so bad cause I think I'll never get to talk to him again. He'll never hold me again, he'll never kiss me again. All the things we talked about for our future will never happen. It's just miserable," said Sanchez's girlfriend, Jordan Cooper.

Jordan Cooper had been dating Generro Sanchez for over a year. She is still in high school in his hometown of Stuart.

And, when the news came that Sanchez was found dead Thursday morning, it rocked not only Cooper's world, but this entire small Oklahoma town.

"I knew it was real but I didn't want it to be," said Cooper.

Sanchez's friends returned to Stuart from all over Friday, and made a memorial for him outside of the school's gym.

His friends were able to find some cheer in this tragedy, through their memories of him.

"He was a happy man. It broke his heart to see someone sad. Even if he had no problems, he would come make you happy," said friend Zack Mabray.

"Everybody got along with him. Everybody loved him. He was awesome," said friend Addison Self.

"He was just a big teddy bear. Everybody loved him," said Angie Lawton, Sanchez's friend.

The town came out to remember and pay their respects to the young 18-year-old Friday. But no one seemed to be able to understand what had happened to their friend.

"I never thought it'd be him. Everybody loved him. Everybody loved him, I didn't ever think anything like this could have happened," said Tell Jordan, friend of Sanchez.

"You hear about that on the news and stuff, and I know people always say that - 'didn't think it was gonna happen to us' but I really did not think it would happen to me, or this town. I just never thought I'd lose somebody that close," said friend Hayden Hockit.

Even through the outpouring of support, Jordan Cooper is struggling to understand why anyone would do this to someone who meant so much to her.

"He was an amazing beautiful soul. Personality, person in general. Just an all around good guy. If you had a model citizen, it would be him," said Cooper.

And Sanchez's friends say they're still stunned that someone they loved and who loved everyone around him could be murdered.

"I'm still in total shock. I've just kept moving. Just trying to stay going. I slept none last night basically. It just hasn't set in yet. I'm sure its going to, just gotta keep going," said Mabray.

"He was a great guy, he loved everybody regardless. He didn't deserve this," said Cooper.

Generro Sanchez's parents say they will release a statement on their son's death, but they're just not ready to do it right now.