GOP holds all elected offices in Grayson County

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After last night's election, Republicans hold all elected offices in Grayson County.

Carol Shea was the only Grayson County Democrat challenging a Republican candidate. She lost by 36 percent.

Clyde Siebman, former county Republican Party chair, said it's a big deal.

"So the fact we won that race by 68 percent of the vote is extremely important," he said.

Siebman said the party's local dominance reflects the population.

"It's a very conservative area. Most of the folks have lived here quite a while," he said. "A lot of people are here who have roots here."

Nationally, Democrats kept the White House and gained seats in the House and Senate.

But here in Grayson County, the Democratic party admits it's not a good time to be a Democrat.

But former Democratic Party Chair Tony Beaverson said they hope the national momentum will catch on locally.

"The pendulum is swinging," he said. "This right-wing extreme ideology that the Republican party has is changing all across the country."

He said the fact Shea lost and Republican Phyllis James won is troubling.

"Not that she was the best candidate, or the most experienced candidate, but she had an "R" behind her name," he said.

He said they've learned from the Obama campaign's strategy of pounding the pavement. And they plan to use it next election.

But Siebman said he sees the Republican's strong-hold continuing for a long time.

"In order for the democrats to gain ground, they're gonna have to change their philosophy. They're gonna have to become supportive of the second amendment. They're gonna have to become more family friendly," he said.

Both parties say the swing in local political strong-holds happened in the '90s. They attribute the change to the emergence of social issues.

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