Gainesville PD begins installation of city-wide cameras

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GAINESVILLE, TX - By the end of June, nearly 200 cameras will be installed and stream live video from across the city of Gainesville.

The cameras are part of a city-wide project for the police department that's been talked about for years.

Five experimental cameras were first installed last fall.

Captain Mark Brazelton of Gainesville Police Department said the cameras are another tool for investigators and officers to deter crime and solve crime faster.

There are three types of cameras that will be installed -- stationary, fixed cameras, cameras that can zoom and rotate 360 degrees and cameras that can read license plates.

"We'll be entering our sex offender database of license plates into a database. If one of those license plates comes into one of our parks or schools it'll alert us," Brazelton said.

Brazelton also explained what the cameras will not do, which includes acting as red light cameras and radar cameras.

The cameras will record and store video for ten days, then it's erased.

"If an incident were to happen within the view of the camera, the investigators could quickly get a suspect description or a vehicle description or possible witnesses in the area," said Brazelton.

News 12 asked residents what they thought of the project.

"They do it in other cities a lot larger than this one, and like I said, I think we have some problems that need to be monitored," said Mary Jane Meeks, who works in Gainesville.

"As long as you aren't doing nothing wrong, it don't matter if they watching you anyways, really," Gainesville resident Jackie Wolf said.

The cameras are installed by a company called WildFire Connections.

News 12 is told that the cameras will eventually be available to local Gainesville business owners once the police department installs its cameras.

Business owners interested in the cameras would contact WildFire -- not the police department.

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