Gainesville voters approve multi-million dollar bond

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GAINESVILLE, TX - Voters in Gainesville passed a multi-million dollar bond package over the weekend. It will take some time to complete the projects but the city said it will be well worth the wait down the road.

The city of Gainesville has been given the green light to move ahead on a multi-million dollar bond.

Last Saturday 77% of voters approved a $10,000,000 bond to improve and rebuild their city streets.

"They could use some fixing, honestly. Potholes, brick roads, bumps in the road, yeah, its terrible," said Fred Pierce, a Gainesville resident.

City Manager Barry Sullivan said the city's bond package will add on to existing city plans to fix their roadways.

"We have our five year plan that doesn't include this $10,000,000 bond. So we're going to keep going off that five year plan and completing projects that we earmarked already," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said their focus with the $10,000,000 will be thoroughfares, or main roads that are heavily traveled.

He said the city cannot afford to complete major sections of thoroughfares with their annual budget.

"Some thoroughfares will cost as much as $5,000,000 alone for one street. In hence, you need larger amounts of money," said Sullivan.

City officials said they will meet up for a workshop Saturday to discuss which roads and thoroughfares should be on the list to repair and which ones should be priority.

The bond package will also cover any infrastructure that will need to be replaced.

"The bond election is for the streets. But if there's a drainage that is required to maintain or if there's a water or sewage line in the road that needs to be changed then that also gets changed with it," said Sullvan

The bond package will be issued in two parts. The city will receive the first $5,000,000 this September and the other $5,000,000 in 2016.
The city says they hope to have all the projects completed sometime in 2017.

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