Gainesville approves new industrial park

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GAINESVILLE, TX - The city has approved funding to move ahead with a new industrial park. The city said this new project will be a huge economic development driver and they hope it'll bring in big business.

City officials said the new industrial park will not only bring business....but jobs.

Gainesville has a 3.4% unemployment rate, which is one of the lowest in the entire state.

Officials hope this project will help continue that success.

New businesses could soon be rolling into Gainesville now that city officials have approved $2.5 million to build the basic infrastructure for a new industrial park.

"It's imperative to have the three-phase electric, large enough water and sewer lines to take care of a large facility. Also, we are getting further and further in between of having those within the city," said Barry Sullivan, Gainesville's city manager.

The city's Economic Development Corporation purchased 142 acres of land off County Road 444 and FM 1202.

Engineers have already designed the subdivision and a contractor is also ready to start work as soon as the funds become available.

"The fact that our old industrial park is full, is a really good sign. Our overall objective here is to secure more jobs for the community and grow Gainesville and Cooke County with quality," said Jim Goldsworthy, Gainesville's Mayor.

Sullivan calls the location ideal, since the property is right next to the railroad, the city would have the option to build a rail spur allowing direct deliveries for companies who need shipment by rail.

"We already have two in the city and to have a third with virgin land that people can actually build on is a great asset. That makes us one of the top competing cities for several manufacturers that need that service," said Sullivan.

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