Gainesville man sentenced to 99 years in death of girlfriend

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- A Gainesville man has learned his fate after a 4-day long murder trial. A jury found Juan Rodriguez-Olivas guilty of murder in the death of Linda Barrett Thursday afternoon. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Rodriguez-Olivas will spend life behind bars with the opportunity of parole after he serves 30 years.

The prosecution is celebrating that sentence, but the defense plans to appeal.

The defense argued Rodriguez stabbed Barrett 31 times out of passion because Rodriguez-Olivas claims Barrett told him she aborted their 6 week old child, and that she came at him with a knife.

A doctor testified that because Barrett's body was badly decomposed, it was unclear whether she had been carrying a child, or if she had an abortion.

The defense asked for a maximum sentence of 20 years, saying Rodriguez-Olivas has a drug addiction and can be rehabilitated.

Bu, Assistant District Attorney, Ron Poole, asked the jury for "a life for a life".

"I thought it was the right decision they made. I believe he should do time and get help for the things that he needs help with, whatever they may be. Mental, physical, addiction and what not," Barrett's ex-husband Vance Burns said.

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