Gainesville roads closed after train derailment could open Friday

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GAINESVILLE, TX - Crews are now working to clear and repair the railroad tracks in Gainesville after a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train carrying tons of Iron ore derailed Tuesday night.

Crews made incredible progress Wednesday, cleaning up over 20 derailed cars, and they've already got new tracks ready to go.

The Gainesville City Manager tells News 12 the railway could be up and running again by Friday, but residents who live near the tracks tell us it'll take them a lot longer to forget the frightening ordeal.

"It was really scary," said Gainesville resident Jane Cope.

First--residents heard a loud boom.

"I thought it was a bunch of planes, maybe with a sonic boom, but when I heard the sirens I knew something else had gone on," said Cope.

Cope lives right next to the site of the BNSF train derailment which rattled the neighborhood on East Garnett street Tuesday night.

BNSF director of public affairs Joe Faust says 22 cars derailed around 8:30 p.m. The southbound train was carrying a load of iron ore.

Some cars fell on their sides, spilling the iron ore in a massive pileup.

No hazardous materials were on board, and Faust says nobody was injured, but some residents did lose power, "The incident is still being investigated--at this point we do not have a cause of the derailment."

Gainesville City Manager Barry Sullivan says schools were able to re-route their buses, as intersections at Garnett, Moss, and McCubbin streets are currently closed, "We're working with the railroad--they're bringing in big equipment and taking it out, so if you see a barricade, please do not go past it, we will be ticketing you, it's dangerous for the public and it's dangerous for the people working here."

Sullivan says they hope to have those intersections re-opened by Friday.

And Cope says, she's just glad nobody was hurt, "It just was unbelievable."

The AMtrack passenger line also uses this railway, people who travel by train to Gainesville will be taken by bus to other train station locations in the area, until this line is repaired.

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