Gainesville is spraying for mosquitoes

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GAINESVILLE, TEXAS -- It's summertime, and many Texoma families are heading outdoors.

"We like to run, swim, ride our bikes," some kids at Leonard Park in Gainesville said.

Summertime is also primetime for mosquitoes. After tomorrow in Gainesville, less mosquitoes will be swarming the city. City officials are spraying repellent to get rid of the bugs.

"This year, with the amount of rain we've had and the high number of mosquitoes, we decided it was worth looking into. And with reports of West Nile virus coming out just south of us in the Dallas and Denton areas, we decided to do something proactive to protect our citizens," Gainesville City Manager Barry Sullivan said.

Mosquitoes aren't just pesky, but they also pose a real health hazard.

"It's a quality of life issue and a health issue. The health issue is the reason we're going ahead and spraying right now," Sullivan said.

One Gainesville doctor says he treated a patient a few years ago who got West Nile virus from a mosquito bite.

"He finally succumbed to the paralysis and everything that goes with the very most intense form. So, if you can prevent that by spraying, yes," Gene Herzog, D.O said.

If you do get bitten and don't have the flu-like symptoms that are identifiers for West Nile, Doctor Herzog says you could still have the virus, but your body is able to fight it.

"Eighty percent of the people that are bitten by a mosquito that has the West Nile virus have no symptoms whatsoever," Herzog said.

For more ways to repel mosquitoes, the company spraying in Gainesville, Express Pest Control in McKinney, has options for your home. A $2,500 sprinkler repellent system, or a smaller $500 sprayer you can rent. But, for a cheaper option, there's always these cans.

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