Garvin Co. man sentenced to life without parole in double homicide

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PAULS VALLEY, OK - A Garvin County man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering a mother and son. For the first time, we hear from the victims' family.

Shawn and Karen Ott's family sat in a Garvin County courtroom, not far from the man who admitted killing their loved ones.

"My brother [Shawn] took care of him," Mary Dehart said. "And he turned on them."

The mother and son were found shot to death inside their Pauls Valley home in Dec. 2011.

20-year-old David Kelly was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Monday.

"He shot her twice in the head," Dehart said. "He shot my brother three times in the head."

The victim's family said they had known Kelly for years.

"That's how he repaid they're love was by turning and pulling the trigger," Jennifer Dorman said.

Kelly pleaded guilty to the double homicide but Monday during a statement said he does not remember pulling the trigger and called Shawn and Karen Ott his friends.

"I think the victims' family should at least know why," Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said. "We did not hear that in court today."

Rhodes said he is pleased with the outcome and sends his condolences to the Ott's family.