Generation resumes at Lake Texoma

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DENISON,TX -- In order to help with the demands of the recent heat, hydroelectric power generation resumed today.

The last time Southwestern Power Administration generated hydro-power was in March. Now 4 months later, they're generating again due to the high temperatures.

Thursday, water was gushing, from the Denison Dam, to generate hydroelectric power once again.

"We're getting to where it's really hot, and there's high electrical demand, and that's when generation is most needed," said Fritha Ohlson.

Fritha Ohlson works with Southwestern Power Administration. She says even though recent rain has helped the water levels at Lake Texoma, they know they're still low.

Ohlson says they've chosen to only generate hydro-power for an hour during the time of the day when electrical demand is at its peak.

Thursday afternoon, they pumped from 4:00 to 5:00.

"It's not going to be a very perceivable difference in the lake, from this minimal generation," said Ohlson.

But Dan Pennington from the "Save Lake Texoma" group disagrees.

"Just because the lake levels are up, doesn't mean we want to open the floodgates and drain the lake back down," says Pennington.

In march, Pennington says SPA agreed to a voluntary moratorium to not generate hydro-power, and with this sudden generation, he says his group wants questions answered.

"We're mainly wondering if they've asked their customers, to conserve energy, or whether they just decided to go ahead and generate what electricity they needed," said Pennington.

"The lake is obviously real low. There's a lot of beach where there's usually a lot of water," said Kelly Flanagan.

Kelly Flanagan and his friend Leonard Clark were fishing all morning Thursday, and say they don't mind the generation, but say they do hope the lake fills back to normal soon.

"I'm praying for rain, like everyone else; that'll end the drought," said Leonard Clark.

Southwestern Power Administration officials say they will most likely pump again Friday.

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