Girl who stopped intruder meets emergency personnel

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DURANT, OK -- A 12-year-old Bryan County girl who made national headlines after shooting an intruder, met those who helped her from afar on that frightening day.

On that hectic afternoon when Stacey Jones allegedly broke into Kendra Saint Clair's home, the 12-year-old hid in the closet and there was one voice that helped keep her calm. Tuesday, Kendra finally got to put a face with that voice.

"I think they're in the house," Kendra St. Clair
"Ok where are you in the house?" dispatcher
"I'm in the closet," St. Clair

It was less than a month ago when 12-year-old Kendra St. Clair ran to a closet to hide from accused intruder, 32-year-old Stacey Jones. Investigators say It was when Jones tried to enter that closet, that Kendra took matters into her own hands.

"Did you shoot the gun honey?" dispatcher
"Yes, Ma'am," St. Clair
"You did?" dispatcher
"Yes, there's a hole in the closet door," St. Clair
"You shot the gun?" dispatcher
"Yes, I did," St. Clair

In those hectic moments, it was Durant dispatcher Julie Thompson who stayed on the phone with Kendra. These two officers made it to the house first, saw the bleeding intruder running across a field and were able to arrest him.

Everyone who played a role on that frightening day met Kendra and commended her.

"Most adults wouldn't have reacted the way she did, and she really inspired a lot of people," Lt. Brock Jones said.

"She was very emotional obviously, but she was very calm in the fact she called 911, she got in a secure location in the closet and then stayed there until she felt she needed to defend herself," Ptl. Buddy Faulkner said.

"You're just kind of speechless when you realize it was a 12-year-old. You feel bad that it kind of happened that way, but just extremely proud of what she did," Lt. Jones said.

Dispatchers brought Kendra and her mom, Debra St. Clair into the dispatch center and they described the scene in this room that day.

"It was an amazing experience seeing my daughters lifeline. When I had to hang that call up with her it was a traumatic experience. But, I knew they were going to do her more help than what I was going to do her," Debra St. Clair said.

Durant police, Bryan County Sheriff's office and Calera police say Kendra did everything right in a terrifying situation.

"I don't think that words can say thank you enough to the dispatchers and the police for making it out there as quickly as they did," Debra St. Clair said.

Kendra had never shot a gun before, and her mom says once she gets her gun back it's going back in the same place in case it's ever needed again.

Stacey Jones is charged with felony first degree burglary. If found guilty he could face up to 20 years in prison.

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