Fire displaces several Gainesville Goodwill employees

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GAINESVILLE,TX---A weekend fire has left Goodwill employees without a job.

"We will rebuild the store." said Ron Harris.

For the first time in more than 40 years the Goodwill store in Gainesville has shut it's doors Closed after Sunday's fire.

"Engine 1, engine 2, engine 3, ladder 1, and tank 1 responded to that location and on their arrival they experienced the heavy fire." said Wayne Twiner.

Firefighters say an employee had just left to go to the bank and returned to find the store on fire. Division Chief Wayne Twiner says they're not sure what started the fire.

"At this time it's still under investigation, so I hate to speculate on the cause it's undetermined but it does appear it started in the attic, above the employees bathroom." said Wayne.

"It's a little early to have the plans in place, but we're working on it." said Harris.

Vice president of Goodwill Industries of North Texas Ron Harris says they've never had one of their locations catch fire; he says the loss of property will hurt the company.

"Obviously it's a loss of income and everything from the sales we generate there, which impacts services and everything that we can provide." said Harris.

That includes low cost clothing and furnishings. The store also provides jobs. Harris says the building is insured and they hope to make the needed repairs and eventually reopen but he says right now there's no time frame for when that could happen.

About ten employees worked at this store, Harris says he hopes they can find a solution for those individuals.

"We don't know if we might accidently turn around something temporary until we get the store built or kind of just depends on how long it's gonna take." said Harris.

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