Grass fire threatens Denison homes

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DENISON, TX -- At least ten fire departments assisted Denison on a grass fire that started around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

The fire has burned at least 35 acres in a Denison pasture. Winds pushed it towards the north very quickly, making homeowners nervous.

Dry conditions and wind had this grass fire spreading quickly off of Davy Lane between FM 1417 and Preston Road.

"For awhile there it looked like it could have lost control because the winds kept whipping it up the hill," resident Phillip Talley said.

"There were several, several structures that we were concerned with that were in the path of the fire. We got it stopped well short of those homes," Denison Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Ray said.

No one was evacuated but neighbors worked together to get livestock out of the way.

"And about 6 families here that's hundred year, couple of generations that own all this land. And it's just amazing. And seeing the fire department response to protect it and stop that fire, it's just you just don't know how important that is," Talley said.

Firefighters say after about an hour, they were able to get the fire contained.

"The hardest part is that it got down into the woods, a wooded area. Which means we can't get the trucks into, which means that we cant get water to it and the guys have to go and fight it by hand. In this heat it doesn't take long to exhaust them so we have to rotate them in and out," Ray said.

Ray said no homes or buildings were burned.

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