Grayson Co. Commissioners hear proposal for new arena

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GRAYSON CO., TX - Today Grayson County Commissioners heard a proposal to build a 10 Million dollar arena and event center in Whitesboro.

Area horse trainers say when they go to shows and events, they're taking their money outside of Grayson County because there's not an arena in the area they can use--and that's something the City of Whitesboro wants to partner with the county to change.

"Instead of us taking our money out to different counties or different states, with this facility here, all the money will be coming in to Grayson County," said horse trainer Pete Kyle.

Pete Kyle and his wife Tamra have trained horses in Whitesboro for 19 years, and for the past three and a half years, Kyle, the Mayor of Whitesboro, Grayson county judge Drue Bynum, and others have been working on plans to bring an arena to the area.

"We've got millions of dollars of revenues that are flowing out of our county that aren't being spent in our county that we could capture here in our county," said Judge Bynum.

In a special session of the Grayson County Commissioners Court Wednesday, the group presented revenue forecasts and an estimated project cost of $10 million dollars.

"We have to have someone's commitment to help us to finance the project and that's why we came to the county, we think that the county would benefit from the project as well as the city of Whitesboro," said Mayor W.D. Welch.

Under the proposal, the city would pay a million dollars of the cost for the multi-purpose arena and they've asked the County to pick up the rest.

"We're trying to do a really first class arena that we're all gonna be proud to have," said Kyle.

Commissioners will discuss the proposal more in Tuesday's regular session.

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