Grayson Co. DA offices increasing security after Kaufman Co. killings

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The murder of the Kaufman County district attorney and his wife sent shock waves nationwide.

And Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said they're definitely feeling them here.

"Well of course we're concerned. We're regular people just like you and just like everybody out there," he said. "We have families, go to schools, have kids. And it's a troubling thing. It's troubling for our family members."

Grayson County and Kaufman County are similar in size, demographics - and location.

And with accusations circulating that a white supremacist group, known as the Aryan Brotherhood, is responsible for the attacks it brings the killings even closer to home.

"We have dozens of cases involving Aryan Brotherhood members. And you may not know it, but there's a bunch of it out there," Brown said. "And the prison gangs are not confined to the prisons."

The Grayson County Sheriff's Office is meeting with the DA's office, county judge and Sherman police to put together a new comprehensive security plan.

On Monday, Governor Rick Perry spoke about the importance of re-evaluating security across the state.

"Particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals whether they're white supremacist group or the drug cartels that we have," he said.

And Brown said Mexican drug cartels are becoming a problem - even here in North Texas.

"People just need to understand that we're gonna have to start treating this differently if they're gonna start assassinating prosecutors," Brown said. "Things are gonna have to change."

But he said prosecutors can't shy away from their job.

"If a bad person really wants to do something, they're gonna be able to do it," he said.

Both Cooke and Fannin counties say they've been increasing security at their courthouses since the first Kaufman shooting.

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