Grayson Co. HS students learn criminal justice at CSI competition

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DENISON, TX - High school criminal justice students from Sherman and Denison got a closer look at forensics during a special lab and competition Thursday at Grayson College.

Aspiring criminologists from Sherman and Denison met at Grayson College Thursday for some friendly competition. For the twelfth year, area students participated in the CSI competition, where they took a written test, used metal detectors to search for evidence, and even got to exercise their trigger fingers.

"They worked a murder. They had to draw a crime scene sketch, they had to look for, secure, and recover evidence, and that's what we teach," Denison High School criminal justice teacher Steve Cherry says.

"I just think it's so cool you can solve a murder with little things that people don't even realize they left behind," student Rebecca Crocker says.

Students say their favorite part of the day was an active shooter simulator. The $60,000 state-of-the-art simulator goes through different scenarios as students learned how to react in an active shooter situation.

Grayson College professor David Huss says students sometimes have an exaggerated perception of the criminal justice field from TV shows, and he hopes the program can show them reality

"[We want to] give them realistic ideas of what kind of job opportunities are out there and then explain to them that one of our biggest goals here is giving real world job skills so they can get a job in this field."

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