Grayson Co. judge candidates take part in debate at News 12 Studios

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SHERMAN, TX -- Three of the four Republican candidates for Grayson County judge took part in a debate Thursday at our News 12 Studios.

Several Austin College students participating in a political science class also attended as part of a live audience.

Trent Bass, Jim Maddock and Bill Magers all stopped by to explain why they think they're best suited for the job.

The moderator, Dr. Don Rodgers of Austin College, asked the candidates about their qualifications.

Bass responded saying, "My office handles all the departmental money, and I've already identified what can be improved immediately."

Maddock said, "I spent the first 20 years of my career managing multi-million dollar organizations, and leading the folks within my organizations. Engineering functions, manufacturing functions, service and transaction functions."

Magers said, "I've built companies, turned companies around, managed companies, and sold companies. My wife Angela and I currently own the Montessori Academy of North Texas, and we are invested in Stone Creek Golf Club and the surrounding real estate."

To watch the entire debate, tune in this Sunday to News 12 Forum when it airs at 6 a.m. on CBS and 9 a.m. on FOX.