Grayson Co. leaders say West Nile "not an emergency" in the county

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- Just this morning, Grayson County commissioners, city leaders and health department officials got together to talk West Nile.

County judge Drue Bynum says West Nile is not an emergency situation in Grayson County yet.

The county currently has four confirmed cases of West Nile and one that's probable.

The group collectively decided to monitor those cases and educate the public about how to prevent being bitten.

Bynum says residents need to take the threat of West Nile seriously by taking precaution.

"Such as spraying with a repellent that has deet, because deet is very effective. Wear long sleeve shirts, wear long pants. Dump the water that's standing in my yard over," Bynum said.

Grayson County does not currently have a vector control department to control mosquitoes.

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