Grayson Co. tests first round of mosquitoes for West Nile

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- The familiar threat of the West Nile virus is among us once again, and this year, the Grayson County Health Department is taking that threat more seriously.

"This year, because we are aware, we are more prepared. Last year, we started later in the season, so therefore, now we are more knowledgeable," Amanda Ortez with the health department said.

The county's first round of mosquito testing, in Sherman, Denison and Bells, came back with resounding results.

"They came back negative for the West Nile virus," Ortez said.

Last season, 13 people in Grayson County got West Nile. None of those people were in Whitewright, Van Alstyne or Bells -- the only cities in Grayson County that sprayed for mosquitoes.

"Everything was sprayed," Bells Mayor Gary Martin said.

Well worth it?

"Oh yeah, it was well worth it," Martin said.

Martin says their town spent less than a thousand dollars to spray and buy dunks for standing water.

"Price wise, that was cheap insurance. It was like $400 dollars or something a spray, for the whole town," Martin said.

Ortez says, so far, no Grayson County towns have committed to spraying this season.

She says the health department will continue testing mosquitoes all summer long.

"We have purchased more traps to set at different locations throughout the county. We have a team that is assessing the situation, basically on a daily basis," Ortez said.

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